Reasons I blog again

「Why I rebuild a blog?」 Years ago, web appeared in my life(I mean I began to be a bug mechanic). That’s a prime time for blogs, almost every big internet company owns its platform. E.g. Sina blog; lofter of NetEase; CSDN; Sohu blog etc. As a web developer, building his own site would have been a cooler thing. So I wrote a blog in PHP. That’s my first own work, really a start of my blogging.

During that time, dozens of tech-blogs were born , like flowers were blooming in the spring. You can get almost everything you want to know about all the coding languages from words of blogs(of course, you must learn to visit google first ,if you are in China).

But lately, micro blog (mainly Weibo and Wechat) appears, less and less guys keep on updating his blog. We began to get used to the style of micro blog(aka ‘weibo ti’). I closed my lofter and other sys too. Until now, WeChat is my main social app for China. Actually WeChat can satisfy your most demands as a social app or RSS(WeChat public) and integrated services. But to record your living moments and your own words. I don’t think any other one can cheer you up, except building. Maybe as Frank said :


I’m glad that I was in the third stage. So this might last for a long period of time lately. It won’t be a full tech-blog. About life, drawing, beautiful design or whatever I pick up, that’s it ~

Drafted on the road